Ching Chinan Sweet Potato Production Cooperative


Starting out as a retail of fresh foods, the Ching Chiuan Sweet Potato Company (CCSP) marketed its products with a Taiwanese spirit of simplicity and earnestness and gradually expanded its business and market. We have now become the leaders in fresh sweet potato wholesale in Taiwan. We are doing business and cooperating with farmers in the mid and southern regions of Taiwan, building up a professional agricultural team to cultivate 500-acre agricultural areas. We achieved the goal of balancing production and sale together with sweet potato farmers. Considering the change of seasons and conditions in the agricultural areas, the quantity and quality of products can be maintained steadily and seasonally. Quality assurance for sweet potatoes is always the top concern for CCSP, not because we aim to grow gorgeous sweet potatoes, but because we are committed to allowing customers to gain perfect sweet potatoes every time.


CCSP was awarded the TGAP certification and selected as a Global Gap sweet potatoes trial farmland by the TAF.
Moreover, high standards and requirements for production and operations of business have been introduced in domestic and
global markets. Manufacturing all productions from fresh sweet potatoes is our commitment. To assure the food safety,
we insist to cooperate with factories granted the HACCP and ISO22000 certifications. From our farmlands to customers' tables,
we are committed to maintain nutrition and freshness of sweet potatoes.


The secret to high quality sweet potatoes lies in a careful seedling process.
We established standardized seedling facilities to cautiously and thoroughly take care of the container seedlings and soil cultivation.
We were awarded the honor of a technology transfer, titled "Sweet Potatoes Virus Elimination and Mass Propagation of Seedlings" by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. Moreover, we unceasingly upgrade professional skills of cultivation in our efforts. Now, there is a variety of seedling species, so we dedicate ourselves to maintaining the cultivation and growth of sweet potatoes based on the excellent environments and professional skills.


We timely process the collection of sweet potatoes and keep freshness and maturity by the fridge techniques. Still, to meet the needs of import and export, we carefully categorize sweet potatoes for disparate purposes through the strict process of classification and selection. Each sophisticated round and smooth surface of sweet potatoes from seedling stage should pass systematic inspections under strict quality controls to ensure all customers can enjoy the tasty flavors of sweet potatoes.